MultiDrink Cap with Straw


MultiDrink Cap with Straw


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Replacement closure. Fits all wide-mouth bottles.




So you can drink water that's safe and tastes great.

Built to Last

Our durable goods are made to last a lifetime.

Dishwasher Safe

Safe to put in the dishwasher and easy to clean.

Leak-Proof Guarantee

Continuous, straight shouldered semi-buttress threads keep the bottle sealed tight.

Made In the USA

Tritan Renew Bottles sustainably made in the USA since 1949. Caps made in China.

Weight 0,045359237 kg
Dimensions 24,13 × 10,795 × 10,16 cm


Lid Type


Cap Diameter


Filter Color



32 oz Wide Mouth, 48 oz Wide Mouth, ATB, GnG, OTF, OTG

Cap Material

PP, Silicone, Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)


  1. English

    cyril (verified owner)


    can be very usefull but water is leaking from this cap, so you cant trust your bottle and let it in bag. 🙁

  2. English

    Jose (verified owner)



  3. English

    Bunny (verified owner)


    Nice cap, but leaks…

  4. English

    Richard (verified owner)


    Absolute garbage.

    I love my big 48 oz bottles but it’s a pain in the butt to drink from the wide mouth and walk at the same time. This lid *seems* to solve that problem, but it leaks constantly in multiple places and the little side spout is totally useless.

    I’ll never throw out my bottles, but Nalgene has badly missed the mark with this.

  5. English

    Jody (verified owner)


    I have had this cap for several years and it hasn’t leaked on me. I am actually looking to buy more for my grandchildren.

  6. English

    T (verified owner)


    I really like the cap but mine also leaks around the threads, making it nearly useless. I am using it on an HDPE Ultralite bottle.

  7. English

    Stefanie (verified owner)


    I really love the style but it leaks. I thought maybe it was just mine, but I see in the reviews that others are having the same issue. It’s pretty frustrating having to make sure it’s upright constantly.

  8. English

    Melly (verified owner)


    I love this cap as I always end up spilling water all over me without it. I’ve had it for 2 years and the only way this item leaks is if you don’t close the straw fully or don’t twist the cap tight enough. We must be smarter than the lid.

    I love this item. Thank you, Nalgene!

  9. English

    Ethan Kravitz (verified owner)

    Ethan Kravitz

    Great concept, loved it for the first quarter of my first hike with it, then realized how much it was leaking. Finding a replacement cap now :/

  10. English

    CA (verified owner)


    I love this option, I can’t spill on myself when sipping through the mouthpiece. 🙂

    But, there are 2 issues:

    1) How to completely clean the elbow tube inside the lid? I haven’t yet found a brush small & flexible enough for that. Also, the only way to replace that is to buy a new lid.

    2) It leaks if it’s not upright & full enough; there’s a (much-needed & very functional) vent at the top that doesn’t stay sealed consistently.

  11. English

    Timothy Wentzell (verified owner)

    Timothy Wentzell

    Leaks on my ultralight 1L bottle. Attempted to use for a bikepacking setup in a stem bag. All the sloshing from riding my bike made it worse.

  12. English

    Jody Woodruff (verified owner)

    Jody Woodruff

    I really like the cap but the straw stopped working within a couple of weeks. I would get another one if I thought it would last.

  13. English

    Jen (verified owner)


    Absolutely love this lid! I purchased several and will purchase more. The versatility is great and much easier to drink while active than an open 32 oz wide mouth opening. Well done, Nalgene!

  14. English

    J man. (verified owner)

    J man.

    Horrible cap. I should of read the reviews.

    Leaks from the vent very easily.

    The straw stopped working after like 3 weeks like most reviews also say ftw.

  15. English

    James Filut (verified owner)

    James Filut

    Leaks. The small air valve has a rubber stopper on it, or is suppose to. One of ours didn’t come with one. Stamped in the plastic is Made In China, also. Not necessarily a horrible thing, but the page says Made in the USA, and it is most likely Assembled In The USA.

    Bottles are pretty durable, with the aforementioned valve issue being a major annoyance.

  16. English

    Matt Davis (verified owner)

    Matt Davis

    seems like a good idea but leaks. leaks Leaks

  17. English

    Casey (verified owner)


    I love this cap. It only leaks if you don’t have the straw closed properly. Both the straw *and* the smaller opening lid make drinking on the run MUCH easier + prevents my husfriend from making me spill on my shirt when we’re driving around.

  18. English

    Shomik C (verified owner)

    Shomik C

    Good idea but the product leaks, disappointing.

  19. English

    Cassidy (verified owner)


    I should have read the reviews sooner because this cap does in fact leak. Though I love the straw function because I drink way more water with the straw than without it, the rubber stopper came off at some point and now if it tips it’s definitely going to leak. I’m going to get another one just because of the straw, but I would advise any potential buyers not to purchase one and instead get a nalgene bottle with the narrow opening.

  20. English

    Christine Higgins (verified owner)

    Christine Higgins

    Leaks! My son received a bottle for a gift with this lid and it leaks. We believe it is through the straw area. We love nalgene water bottles but this one disappoints.

  21. English

    Connie (verified owner)


    I am grateful that you sell replacements of these lids. I love that I can drink through the straw and then use the cap to pour out of during camp cooking. I also love that it is the wide mouth lid because it fits the bottles that I use with my water filter. They don’t stand up to abuse the same way as your bottles do but that’s alright because they should be replaced more often than the bottles anyway.

  22. English

    Eddie (verified owner)


    Love this. I would give it 5 stars if the threads on the top small cap were water bottle size. Then it would fit most of the water filters.

  23. English

    [email protected] (verified owner)

    [email protected]

    How about a chug bottle cap and skip the whole straw thing. AND – Tether the whole cap to the bottle then tether the chug cap to the cap… or use a hinge or something.

    You are close… If you can get it right I may even give up my Nathan bottles and begin to use your bottles again.

  24. English

    Jenna (verified owner)


    I LOVE this cap. I bought a bunch for my family and friends because everyone NEEDS the MultiDrink. Easy to use, no spillage, and if it breaks/stops working, you can get a new one by emailing customer service! Absolutely would recommend getting this!

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