Dishwasher Safe



Fits all 350ml, 700ml, 1L and 1.5L Wide Mouth bottles. Please note: this item is not currently available in France.More

Fits all 350ml, 700ml, 1L and 1.5L Wide Mouth bottles. Please note: this item is not currently available in France.



So you can drink water that's safe and tastes great.

Built to Last

Our durable goods are made to last a lifetime.

Dishwasher Safe

Safe to put in the dishwasher and easy to clean.

Leak-Proof Guarantee

Continuous, straight shouldered semi-buttress threads keep the bottle sealed tight.

Weight 0,045359237 kg
Dimensions 24,13 × 10,795 × 10,16 cm


Cap Diameter



32 oz Wide Mouth, 48 oz Wide Mouth, ATB, GnG, OTF, OTG

Cap Material

PP, Silicone, Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)

Country of Origin


Lid Type

Lock Top


  1. English

    Mark (verified owner)


    Pretty sturdy lids that take a lot of abuse. I drop my bottles a lot, and hang them from clips by these lids. They open and close quick, too, which helps me make sure I’m hydrating enough in my warehouse job.

    The silicone trim on the underside of the flip top does collect grime a bit, but a little scrubbing gets that off easily. The inner seal in the flip top also seems to collect a more permanent grime if you don’t clean it often enough, so clean your bottles often! It’s better for your health anyway.

  2. English

    Cary (verified owner)


    Very disappointed in the fragile construction. Thin plastic latch mechanism snapped after two weeks of use, and the top will no longer stay closed. A horrible design by a seemingly reputable brand.

  3. English

    Bryan Reilly (verified owner)

    Bryan Reilly

    Love these kids. I wish they were offered as an option with all of the nalgene, in all of the colors and all of the sizes.. I’m surprised I cant custom order a normal 1L with an O.t.f. lid in the colors I want. I would definitely order one.

  4. English

    Reva (verified owner)


    Cheap plastic snap that doesn’t stay closed, have spilled water numerous times, very annoying to use while biking

  5. English

    Donald (verified owner)


    Nice design, but not perfect. It’s only a matter of time before the metal clip breaks-free from the plastic at its pivot point. Once broken, this prevents the metal band from keeping the top handle securely locked. My bottle’s spilled open several times inside my bag now. This lid has a lot of potential, but still needs improved.

  6. English

    RUTHELLYN Flowers (verified owner)

    RUTHELLYN Flowers

    The OTF cap ROCKS! It is the best cap that Nalgene has produced. I love my cap! My well-meaning 89-yr old mother decided to wash my 32-oz Nalgene and broke my OTF. I was so sad but I just found out, today, that it has a life-time replacement warranty! If you never tried the OTF, you must give it a try! 🙂 RF

  7. English

    mihau (verified owner)


    no material details.
    no spareparts like silicon sealing

  8. English

    Heidi (verified owner)


    awful cap for kids. If the lid is screwed on too tight the latch won’t close without a lot of force. My 3.5 yo can’t use it – I barely can. Also, wish it was spill proof or at least fit the spill proof piece to customize for toddlers.

  9. English

    Michael E Cogar (verified owner)

    Michael E Cogar

    These caps are fantastic if you can afford to buy new ones every two or three months! The little silicon seal in the cap gets so moldy it scares one! I’ve used bleach, vinegar, baking soda and knifes and still can’t get it off! They won’t even sell us just the silicon seal and it’s not an expensive part!

  10. English

    Kris (verified owner)


    Liked this better than a screw top for accessibility, but the silicone cap is IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean even with regular washing. Additionally, it tips over and if the lock isn’t in place water goes everywhere every time (wrecked my laptop!). Wanted to like this product, but since I’m allergic to mold and can’t get the mold off, cannot recommend.

  11. English

    Melissa Dagne (verified owner)

    Melissa Dagne

    This OTF cap works well for me. I use it all day every day. It cleans well in the dishwasher and does not have nor need a silicone seal. My water bottle has tipped over many times with no leaks. I’ve gotten another OTF cap to go with my second bottle. Very happy with purchase.

  12. English

    Jenna (verified owner)


    I personally love these caps rather than the screw on caps. It is so nice to be able to have a little spout than a wide-mouth lid. I have had the inserts for the wide-mouth but another things to clean.

  13. English

    Doug (verified owner)


    Impossible to clean the silicone seal on the inside of the lid. That’s a deal breaker. Gets moldy fast. After replacing it once I switched to a different brand that’s easy to clean.

  14. English

    Nancy (verified owner)


    Love my OTF bottle and lid. I’ve had mine almost 3 years and have never had a problem with mold inside the lid and my bottle takes a beating! My husband’s bottle which is newer than mine does have mold issues, however. Maybe something has changed with the materials used?

  15. English

    John Christakos (verified owner)

    John Christakos

    The silicone seal molds up very fast and is impossible to clean. Once it goes black, it stays black. The cap was a nice idea, it’s easy to drink from, especially compared to drinking from the wide mouth, but the mold issue needs to be addressed. I already received free replacements for my 2 caps, but these have gone moldy again. Nalgene needs to make a wide mouth cap that has the narrow mouth cap on top. This way you get both options, large for easy pouring and filling, and narrow for easy drinking.

  16. English

    Noodle (verified owner)


    These caps are fantastic, I enjoy using them so much more than the typical wide mouth cap. I don’t even have a problem with mold on the silicone seal. I think perhaps regular, daily or even weekly washing would take care of that.

  17. English

    Al (verified owner)


    Heavy lid can cause water bottle to tip over and spill when the water level is low. Best to use this lid on the wide bottles. Silicone seal eventually stains and won’t come clean. Can’t find replacement. Apart from those problems, this lid is great for drinking from the bottle!

  18. English

    Jon (verified owner)


    Nalgene does not explain what this lid does nor do the have a picture of it open

  19. English

    Tammy Applegate (verified owner)

    Tammy Applegate

    The little plastic lock clasp broke & water spilled out. Very disappointed. With it broken the metal clasp is difficult to close.

  20. English

    Alicia Klesseck (verified owner)

    Alicia Klesseck

    Hi Jon,

    When unlocked, the button on the front can be pushed to pop open the top to allow you to drink from the protected chute. This top works on all of our 12, 24, 32 and 48 oz bottles. What else can we answer for you about this cap?

    – The Nalgene Team

  21. English

    SCap (verified owner)


    Overall bad caps- can Nalgene find a new company to make their non basic caps? We’ve tried several OTG and OTF and they just don’t last long and leak often. The basic caps are great but we need caps for kids that last. It’s also environmentally poor advocacy to keep making caps that get tossed so often. Please make caps that last as long as the bottles.

  22. English

    Whitney (verified owner)


    I really love the design of this top, but the plastic locking piece breaks easily, and unfortunately the silicone piece inside keeps molding. I’m allergic to mold so I keep getting sinus infections. Going to have to try to recycle this and buy another cap. Super bummed.

  23. English

    Toni (verified owner)


    We love these caps! I’ve had my OTF water bottle for years now and haven’t had any issues with leaking or mold. I use a butter knife to pry out the silicone piece inside the lid to ensure it’s cleaned properly and only reinsert once I know it’s completely dry. We recently got these lids for our kids that transitioned from the Grip & Gulp style lids and they’re working great for them as well. We had some issues when we first got them that they were extremely hard to close, but we just loosened them up a bit by continuously opening and closing for a bit and my kids have no problems now. If the lid is closed and metal clasp on, we’ve never had an issue with any bottles leaking at all. We’ve tried so many different brands of water bottles, and these are the only ones tough enough to stand up to my toddlers. Planning on buying more of these lids to replace the Grip & Gulp lids on the other water bottles we have.

  24. English

    Mike F. (verified owner)

    Mike F.

    This by far is my favorite cap but it needs to be redesigned so that the silicone seal doesn’t mold. I’ve had one replaced 2 times.

  25. English

    Miriam (verified owner)


    Please just sell silicone stopper aa replacements. My cap is still good but the silicone has gone moldy and impossible to remove. I’ve had my OTF bottle for 6 years now and plan to keep on using it.

  26. English

    Beth (verified owner)


    Love love love these lids. I have had one for YEARS until the BIG puppy got hold of it when he was teething. I see that people have had trouble with mold; anytime I did, I just sprayed it with Clorox cleaner and let it sit a bit. Presto!!!!! Clean clean!!!!

  27. English

    Claude Elkins (verified owner)

    Claude Elkins

    This is not really a rating, but did not see a place to submit questions.
    You know what would be helpful? A picture of this top (and all the others) in the OPEN position.

  28. English

    Bernd (verified owner)


    The OTF is one of the best bottle caps in existence. Can be opened and closed with one hand only. However, the silicone seal inside the cap stars molding after like a year. Happened already the 2nd time. I use my bottle with pure water only and let it dry every 2nd day.

    For environmental reasons I don’t want to replace the whole cap, would love to buy replacement seals instead.

  29. English

    Leslie (verified owner)


    My daughter has been using these bottles for school for the past 8 or 9 years and we think they are awesome. I have never had to replace one until now (finally managed to lose a silicone seal down the drain). As for the silicone seal getting moldy – they can be popped out with a small teaspoon and thrown in the silverware basket in the dishwasher. I wash them after each use along with the bottle itself & have never had a problem with mold.

  30. English

    Tammy M. (verified owner)

    Tammy M.

    I bought 4 bottles for my kiddos with this cap. Within a couple months, the caps on all four bottles were broken. In their cases, the latching mechanism in the front broke, making it hard to open with two hands instead of easy to open with one. The silicon rings fell out really quickly on them, so I’m not sure we ever got to the mold issue. That being said, my kids really enjoyed the lids while they had them and asked for them to be replaced.

  31. English

    Matt (verified owner)


    Another vote for selling replacement silicone seals. Same mold issues, same annoyance at having to replace the entire cap when it’s just this small part that’s the problem.

    Otherwise, five stars — the design is the best I’ve seen, in that it both seals securely and can be washed thoroughly because it doesn’t have nooks and crannies.

  32. English

    Katherine (verified owner)


    I’ve had the accompanying water bottle for this type of cap for over a decade and it’s my favorite. I once had a friend drop my Nalgene water bottle down some cement stairs and it only had a couple of scratches. It’s easy for me to carry around, seals very well so no spills, and is easy to clean. EXCEPT, I’ve had mold growing in my silicon seal for the last year. I’d been trying to clean it out with any method I could try. Eventually I contacted customer service with a photo and they swiftly replaced my cap. I really appreciate it, since that means I don’t have to find a whole new water bottle. But I agree with other reviewers that the silicone seal should be sold separately because I hated having to throw away a whole water bottle cap. That’s a lot of plastic that will sit in the landfill.

  33. English

    Saso R. (verified owner)

    Saso R.

    Great bottle and agree with other users, silicone seal in the cap should be available as spare part.

  34. English

    Phil (verified owner)


    Best bottle cap ever! Fits on my Hydroflask perfectly making for the best water bottle combo!

  35. English

    Kathleen (verified owner)


    I would love to see an improvement on the silicone seal of the cap. This is my favorite one, but the mold is definitely an issue. I tried all sorts of ways to clean it, but to no avail. Replacement silicone pieces, please!

  36. English

    Ed (verified owner)


    I, too, had a problem with mold. Someone here posted about using bleach. I pulled the seal out and placed it in a small container with 50/50 Chlorox/water. A few days later, most of the mold was gone. 2nd attempt was a stronger solution. I forget the exact mixture. Put to the side and forgot about it. Two weeks later, mold was completely gone.

  37. English

    Audrey (verified owner)


    The OTF cap collects mold under the silicone seal ever since we have had this lid.
    I hope that you can remedy this problem.

  38. English

    Yohannah (verified owner)


    Love this lid! Please sell replacement silicone seals!! The mold and discoloration is a problem!!

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