Each bottle is created from resin powered by next generation recycling technology that transforms plastic destined for landfills into high-performance bottles.

The future of recycling is in your hands

Our new Nalgene Sustain product line is made from material derived from 50% waste plastic (using ISCC certified mass balance), further offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The equvalent of 8 single-use bottles was recycled in the production of one Nalgene Sustain bottle.

Sustainability without compromise

Same iconic Nalgene bottle, made from material derived from 50% plastic waste. Our Sustain bottles are made with Tritan Renew, delivering the same high quality features as the original Nalgene bottle

We craft our products for our customers, our community, and our planet.

  • 1L Wide Mouth Camo Print Bottles

    • Clear
  • 1L Wide Mouth Tie-Dye Print Bottles

    • Clear
  • 0.5L Narrow Mouth Fruit Print Bottles

    • Clear
  • 350ml Kids On-The-Fly Lock-Top Sustain Bottle

    • Clear
  • 700ml On-The-Fly Lock-Top Sustain Bottle

    • Clear
  • 1L Wide Mouth NASA Bottle

    • Clear


Monochrome Collection

New colors are here.

Limited Edition

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